Facilities / Infrastructure

Our penchant for quality and confidence in our products stems from the unshakable faith we have in investing and setting up top-notch infrastructure and facilities.


Our factory is in the South of Tamil Nadu, India wherein the raw materials are available aplenty. The coir pith is very light and thus cannot be transported easily over long distances. Therefore it is important to have a unit where the quality raw materials are available . Hence we choose Pollachi in Tamilnadu.

We have advanced to make coir peat in various forms and sizes and to customize according to our client’s specifications and requirements. We have cleaning and screening equipment to produce a clean product. We have facilities to wash and treat the coir pith in a uniform manner.

We have concrete-floored yards for drying which ensures a higher quality product.
Storage facilities accompany our production facilities and can hold tons of product or material for up to 6 months, based on the client’s requirements or requests.

Our Labs/partner institutions ensure checking and testing of product quality and consistency at every stage of the process, right from the procurement of organic, high-quality coconuts to the production of end products like coco plugs or coco bricks